Joseph C. Masterleo, LCSW-R, DCSW
New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker I am trained in the practice of brief, mid-range and long-term psychotherapy.  My therapeutic approach is an integrated one, providing individualized treatment to meet the unique needs of each person, relationship, group, system or circumstance.

I am adept at identifying troublesome patterns and themes within and between people that make personal, relationship and group functioning difficult, helping them understand, work through and dissolve those themes and patterns successfully, while at the same time learning healthier ways of living, relating and adapting.

My areas of therapy specialization include treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, grief and loss, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, personality psychology and disorders, substance abuse recovery, addictions, gender identity and a variety of other psychosocial, psychospiritual, adjustment, developmental and phase-of-life issues, and includes work with adolescents, couples, families and larger multi-person systems.

My Professional Services:

Psychotherapy Services

  • -brief, mid-range and long-term treatment
  • -crisis intervention
  • -clinical assessments
  • -individual counseling/psychotherapy
  • -couples counseling
  • -consultation (ie. physicians, pastoral.. etc.)
  • -psychiatric and medication management referral
  • -Christian faith-based counseling


Payment Information

Initial Intake  Appointment:

$95.00 flat rate for intake (pending insurance fee caps)

Subsequent Individual and Couples Therapy Sessions:

$90.00 per 50-minute session (standard clinical hour)

Clinical Assessment and Evaluation:

$95.00 per hour, includes assessment appointments, interpretive meetings and report writing.

Supervision for Mental Health Practitioners and Others:

$85.00 per hourly session.  Practitioner is required to carry their own personal liability insurance.

Consultation Fee:

$50.00 per appointment (over 15 minutes and less than 45 minutes time slot).

Missed or canceled appointments WITHOUT 24-hours advanced notice:  Flat hourly fee in full/cancellation fee.

Please note the rationale for missed or canceled appointments is to secure the provider’s time and for the courtesy of other clients in need of my services.  I am unable to provide that missed hour to another client, if I am not given proper notice ahead of time.

Payment Options:

1) Cash or Money Order at time of visit.

2) Check or Travelers Checks at time of visit.

*a 25% late fee will be assessed for payments not made at time of visit.

Payment Responsibility:

Prior to the first therapy appointment, it is the responsibility of each client to be informed as to the name of his/her health insurance company (where applicable), their insurance ID number, and the terms of their particular coverage for what is termed “out-patient mental health care.”  This information is obtainable by calling the customer service number located somewhere on your insurance ID card.

Payment or insurance co-payment is due in full prior to or upon completion of each session.  The role of fees, health insurance coverage, billing and other practical matters regarding appointment times and/or therapy sessions will be discussed in detail at the end of the first interview.

Insurance Reimbursement:

-In-Network Coverage:

I am included under most major health insurance plans as a provider.  If you are interested in taking advantage of your mental health insurance benefit to help pay for therapy services, please contact your insurance carrier to find out whether I am a provider in your insurance network.

Out-of-Network Coverage:

If I do not accept your insurance coverage, you can still submit your billing receipts to your insurance carrier for possible out-of-network reimbursement.  You will be responsible for services rendered at the time of the service.  I will provide you with a receipt with pertinent information (pending your permission) for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  To determine your out-of-network coverage for my services, please contact your insurance carrier for information on your mental health benefits.  It is the responsibility of each client to understand the terms of their particular coverage for my services.

Fee Adjustment and Financial Hardship:

Providing fee adjustments for clients undergoing financial hardship is a sensitive and discerning process for all parties involved.  Usually, I do not provide for adjustments on a routine or regular basis.  On occasion, I do make allowances for reduction in fee on a case by case basis, determined by a client’s circumstance, and the number of clients currently being carried at a reduced rate.  In such cases, there must be clear evidence of significant financial hardship, however.