Christian Counseling

A significant portion of my practice involves working with persons of the Christian faith seeking to understand, frame and resolve their difficulties in a biblically informed way, as the Judeo-Christian tradition for healing, growth and wholeness is the meaning system most familiar to me.  To problem-solve in this manner requires the kind of understanding and healing interventions that combine, differentiate and interpret the psychological and spiritual components of a given situation in a balanced way.  This way and work are implemented and accomplished without a denominational and/or doctrinal agenda or bias.

A spiritually informed therapist recognizes that the central purpose of human life is a quest to find a soul, a self, an internal compass — not so much to lend an understanding of life, as to embody the experience of being a fully alive person. Such healers recognize that the principle dynamic in that process is spiritual and therefore sacred.  This dynamic comes to the fore more powerfully during various times and sundry seasons in the unfolding story of a life.  A capable guide gives discerning definition to such seasons, underscores their significance and specific challenges, and helps to identify and remove obstacles toward wholeness and fulfillment. 

I bring 40 plus years of experience in the local mental health care field to the psycho-spiritual counseling arena, over 30 of them in private practice.  Experiences in a variety of clinical settings over several decades have contributed toward a rich knowledge base that successfully integrates the psycho-social and psycho-spiritual dimensions of human development, discomfort and dysfunction, helping others to do likewise in a practical and individualized way. (See resume tab)

My practice includes work with adult-individual, marital, family and large group situations, as well as those of teens, and combines a broad understanding of the interplay of personal, group and multi-person dynamics.

I am especially adept at working with the unique circumstances and personal dilemmas of pastoral staff and those serving in ministry.  I also have a special interest in the gender-specific challenges facing men and women on their unique psycho-spiritual journeys.

My gifting, calling and therapeutic strength lies in guiding others to explore, discover and interpret the inner meaning of their personal experiences which create opportunities for personal growth, emotional healing and spiritual maturity.

Finding a professionally trained, insurance-eligible therapist informed in the Christian Way can be difficult in any geographic area, including our own.  If you have any questions regarding my credentials, experience or qualifications pertaining to faith-based services, please call by phone or leave a message on the Contact tab above.  A prompt response will be forthcoming.

A variety of topics and themes pertinent to life and living on the Christian Way can be found in Joe Masterleo’s columns published locally in the Good News paper, samples of which can be found under the “Columns” tab of this website.  Joe’s commentaries and columns on a variety of subjects regarding life in America appear regularly in the Post-Standard, on local sports blogs, and in the newly minted Central New York Sports magazine.